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As a wide-eyed kid, fuelled by Enid Blyton's enchanting tales, the Hardy Boys' escapades, the Famous Five's thrill (and the occasional Nancy Drew for good measure), and the gritty mysteries spun by James Hadley Chase – it was in this whimsical literary maze that I first picked up a pen.

Fast forward to the chaos of adulthood crashing my perpetual playfulness party, and my writing mojo decided to take an unscheduled hiatus. But behold! My passion, refusing to succumb to the mundane, staged a triumphant comeback.

Poems pirouetted, articles moonwalked, and even tech docs joined the groove. This site? It's the vibrant hotspot where my eclectic interests throw a party, and you're all invited.

"Follow a niche," they urged. Well, my heart prefers to waltz through multiple beats. I'm the eternal student, currently immersed in the rhythmic dance of tech documentation, despite my tech know-how being akin to a perplexed penguin.

Let's talk career – buckle up for this rollercoaster! I've surfed the waves of customer service, orchestrated the symphony of assets recovery, danced the salsa of inside sales, charmed the audience with the marketing foxtrot, put on the detective hat as an anti-money laundering specialist, and dipped my toes into a couple of entrepreneurial waters. But now I would like to think that I have finally settled down with a pen.

Oh, the soundtrack running in the background while I pen, it's a jukebox that spans the galaxies of old-school rock and grunge anthems – from the mighty Metallica and the galloping Iron Maiden to the rebellious Nirvana and the stairway-climbing Led Zeppelin. But wait, the notes don't stop there; I also sway to the twang of country music with John Denver's serenades and Garth Brooks' anthems, and slow dance to the soothing tunes of Don Williams.

When the pen rests, I drift into the thrilling worlds crafted by Wilbur Smith, the suspenseful tales spun by Lee Child, the medical mysteries unveiled by Robin Cook, and the gems woven by Ken Follet and Michael Crichton, an endless list. Not that much into motivational stuff, more of a fiction guy.

So, I like to believe that I'm the experimental chef in the kitchen of creativity, crafting my unique flavor. I make no claims of being the Einstein of any field; rather, I'm the mad scientist concocting potions in the lab. Here's to the ongoing chapter where my style evolves, the story unfolds, and the soundtrack of life continues to play its groovy tunes. Love it, hate it, but do read what I pen!

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Vishal Gupta

My Journey So Far...

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